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Hester Laboratory

Dr. Gavin Hester (Principal Investigator)

Assistant Professor

email: ghester at

Graduate Students

Undergraduate Students

Sam Studdy

Sam Studdy (Undergraduate Research Assistant)

2023 Match of Minds Award Recipient

Why Sam loves physics:

I like physics because it explains why everything happens in the way that it does, and seeks to make all physical processes predictable. These abilities of physics are, in my opinion, very interesting. I also like learning about the ingenuity of the physicists who have worked before me (and who are still doing research) to not only discover physical processes that are impossible to find with our senses but find ways to exploit these for the good of mankind.


Sebastien Duguay

Sebastien Duguay (Undergraduate Research Assistant)

Why Sebastien loves physics:

I enjoy physics because of its major role in driving innovation and technology.  This field sets the stage for inventions that enhance and shape our modern world. Physics fuels the development of practical applications that enhance our everyday experience, and being part of the scientific discoveries and having the chance to follow in the footsteps of physicists before me makes the field both captivating and rewarding. 

Former Students

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